3 Vital Questions to Ask Before You Register at a Teaching Institute

After deciding to become a teacher, the decision making doesn’t stop there. There are several other crucial decisions that you need to make such as choosing between primary education and secondary education. Selecting the right teaching institute and deciding between studying for a teaching diploma or a degree.


To make informed decisions, you’ll first need to know all the facts. Only you would know whether you prefer to teach small children vs teenagers thus that decision will be based on your preference. We’ll talk more about choosing a learning institute later in the article. Next up is choosing between a teaching diploma and a teaching degree.

Teaching Diploma

  • Usually takes 18 – 24 months to acquire
  • It will often allow you to specialize in a certain field of teaching such as primary school or pre-primary education
  • Typically costs less than a teaching degree
  • Can be obtained via distance learning

Teaching Degree

  • Typically takes four years to complete
  • Is needed if you want to educate high school students or to specialise in a specific subject
  • Requires full-time study


Finding a teaching institute that is right for you can be more of a challenge than anticipated. And while there are many ways to become a teacher in South Africa, when paying for an education, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best education possible. Below are some questions you should ask before registering for any primary school teaching courses:

What Sets Them Apart from Other Teaching Institutes?

Not all teaching colleges are created equally. Most colleges offer classes throughout the year with a six week practical at the end of the year. Some teaching institutes use a different teaching model where students spend half their time in lectures and the other half in a real classroom. 

What Are the Costs Involved and Can Payments Be Structured?

Making a decision solely based on price can be a huge mistake. What you want is value for money. Also, look for a college that offers various payment structures.

Does This Teaching Institute Offer Distance Learning?

The last two years have taught us that anything can happen at any moment and distance learning is vital to the success of your career. It is a wise decision to select an institute that offers distance learning in case your situation changes. 


Students should experience different types of school environments throughout their degree to make them more versatile to adapting once they start looking for a teaching job. Make sure you choose the right teaching institute for you.


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