7 Reasons for hiring experienced professionals to repair roof leaks 

There are a few good reasons for not trying to tackle roof leaks the DIY route, chief among them being the risk of causing yourself a world of pain! It’s not exactly a ‘little’ fall, and, it’s a lot more painful and dangerous than they make it out to be in movies!

While there are a few things you can do to keep your roof in good condition, such as cleaning the gutters or fixing caulking, the rest is definitely best left to professionals, such as the team at Anchor Roofing Westcoast!

Let’s look at 7 reasons for hiring experts to repair roof leaks:

  • The roof holds the structure of your house or business in one piece

It’s easy to ignore the fact that your roof actually keeps the structure of your home or business intact, especially since you don’t exactly take a walk on the roof every now and then to check for any problems.

What would your home be without its roof? Now that’s a question well worth contemplating, once you realise the importance of your roof and the role it plays in withstanding the worst of the Cape weather, winter or summer.

It takes a professional roof leak specialist to do a proper inspection for leaks in your roof, which, in light of the essential role the roof plays in our lives, makes it worth committing part of your budget to regular roof inspections, at the very least once a year.

  • A well-maintained roof is protection against damage to your home

It may seem easy to simply plug a hole in your roof that’s clearly visible, but, what about the fact that beneath that hole, the leak could already have spread into the ceiling. If you happen to take that walk on the wild side and find a leak, it’s time to take action immediately, by calling in the professionals, to prevent further damage to your home.

  • A professional roof leak specialist offers convenience & peace of mind

Dave Flanigan, owner of Anchor Roofing Westcoast, has 38 years of experience in the roofing industry, and, qualifying as a construction plumber wasn’t easy back when he started, which means you’ll have the best team on your side for roof leak repairs…or anything else to do with a roof or ceiling for that matter!

Service excellence is the bottom line for this team, and, you get to take it easy while Dave and his team repair your roof properly, knowing that you can have peace of mind that the job will be well done, first time round.

  • Anchor Roofing Westcoast uses high quality roofing materials

You can be absolutely sure that Anchor Roofing won’t be using chewing gum to seal holes in your roof! They use only high quality SABS approved materials to repair any roof leaks or waterproof a roof.

  • Unbeatable roof repair pricing & guaranteed workmanship

Anchor Roofing Westcoast doesn’t only repair roof leaks, this team can replace or waterproof your roof, clean your guttering, repair ceilings and paint them…you name it, this team can do it!

This is workmanship that’s guaranteed, and is carried out without wasting your time or money. You can expect nothing less than exceptional service from this team of professionals.

  • Anchor Roofing Westcoast is about much more than roof leak repairs!

Because of the experience and knowledge Dave and his team of roofing specialists bring to your roofing project, no matter what it is, this team knows exactly how to go about ensuring that you won’t be facing any further damage to your home or business, once they’ve been on your roof!

  • Prevention is better than the cure!

You can save yourself money and damage to the structure of your home or property, by contacting Anchor Roofing Westcoast today, to keep an eye on your roof with an inspection at least once a year. 

This could save you the shock of perhaps having to replace the roof, or, to be caught without a roof after a Cape storm!

This team repairs roof leaks and offers other roofing services as discussed above, and more, from Cape Town to Malmesbury, Langebaan, Paternoster and any area that qualifies as the Cape West Coast, and they’re available throughout the year, in every kind of weather!

Find out more about what Anchor Roofing Westcoast can do to keep your roof and ceilings in tip top shape, year after year!

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