Atech Roofing Cape Town for quality roof repairs that last!

Did you know that there is actually legislation that makes you, as the owner of any structure, residential, commercial or industrial, responsible for the way in which your roof is maintained?

In fact, in terms of the Construction Regulation Act 2014 Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, you could end up in hot water if you don’t have a roofing specialist like Atech Roofing Cape Town carry out periodic inspections of your roof.

You also need to keep a record of the maintenance and inspections, so that if a building inspector requests them, you’ll have proof that your roof has been well looked after, and is structurally safe and sound.

The roof of your home or business property is unfortunately one of the most overlooked part of your building, which is why it’s essential that you have a professional roofing expert inspect your roof at least once a year, at least. 

This is simply to make sure that you can avoid trouble that could cost you a small fortune in the long run.

Neglecting to look after the condition of your roof can also lead to damage to the actual structure of your home, which will complicate matters even more, and add further costs, which most of us don’t have in our strained economy.

Why you need roofing experts you can rely on

It’s essential that you entrust the condition of your roof to experts, while there are a few things you can do to maintain the roof on your own, there’s too much at stake if you choose the DIY route for roof repairs.

You may think you’ve found the leak and repaired it, however, do you really know what’s happening inside the roof and just how much damage a leak has done to it?

This is where experts like Atech Roofing Cape Town become your go-to team for roof repairs that are done right the first time, which ultimately saves you money in the long run, especially if the deck of your roof has been damaged by external leaks.

Atech Roofing Cape Town will apply their extensive roof repair experience and skill to maintain the integrity of the roof, after all, your roof is all that protects you and your loved ones from the Cape winter storms and extreme heat in summer.

Committing to regular maintenance of your roof can avoid leaks that could dampen your ceiling, swelling it to the point where you need to run around putting buckets everywhere, just to catch leaks that have now become an issue inside!

Quality roof repairs from Atech Roofing Cape Town

If you live in Cape Town, you know exactly what a black South Easter wind can do to roofs, along with the wet and stormy winters, which makes it very important to maintain your roof.

Without proper maintenance and repairs, you could end up looking at having to replace the whole roof, making it worth your while to contact the team at Atech Roofing for any roof repairs in Cape Town.

This team operates from Cape Town to Durbanville and across to Tableview, and, with 30 years of roofing experience under their belts, you can be assured of quality service, products, workmanship and highly competitive rates for roof repairs in Cape Town.

Contact the friendly team at Atech Roofing Cape Town today to find out more about what they can do to save you time and money, with their full range of roof repair services!

Whether you need waterproofing, painting, roof cleaning, roof restoration or replacement, or simply need the best advice there is about whether or not your roof needs a bit of tender loving care, this is the team you want on your side!


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