Contact Empire Roofing for Quality Roof Repairs in Cape Town

Whether your roof is in need of serious repairs, or all you need is gutters to be replaced and cleaned, then Empire Roofing is the team you can trust to carry out professional roof repairs in Cape Town.

These are the standard of roof repairs that last, allowing you to feel that whatever the cost, the roof above your head is in the right condition to withstand all that mother nature throws at it, especially in the Cape.

The notorious Black South Easter wind is one of the major challenges any roof has to be able to withstand, as well as stormy and wet winters, which are followed by summers that see the sun beating down relentlessly on the roof.

With extreme weather conditions like this, your roof needs to be looked after by roofing experts that’ll get the job done right the first time.

In the long run, this will ensure that if you need help you can rely on in the future, Empire Roofing will be the team you can trust with the health of your roof.

Your reputation is only as good as your last project, especially when it comes to roof repairs, since this is really a specialized field, and, after having been in the industry for over 10 years, you’ll find that Empire Roofing customers are more than happy to recommend the services of these professionals with local knowledge.

Roof inspections keep your roof in good condition

‘Prevention is better than the cure’ is a good caveat when it comes to the often-overlooked, yet vitally important roof of your home or business.

Neglect of the roof could ultimately lead to the expense of a complete roof replacement, which could perhaps have been avoided if you’d taken the time to get the team from Empire Roofing to carry out a roof inspection.

This is the best way to ensure that you don’t face the possibility of roof replacement, especially if the roof isn’t being inspected at least once a year or so, and, if it’s heading for its 20th year.

Is it time for roof replacement?

If you are facing the reality of roof replacement, contact the team at Empire Roofing to give you the facts as they are, without adding unnecessary frills or costs.

This down-to-earth team isn’t only concerned with ensuring that their workmanship is excellent, they’re also committed to doing all they can to meet your budgetary constraints, as much as is possible.

Roof installations & roof refurbishment

Knowing that Empire Roofing has many years under the belt where it comes to installing new roofs for everything from new houses to housing complexes and commercial buildings, you’ll know that you’re working with real professionals that’ll see to it that your new roof installation will more than meet any warranty this team offers.

If you need roof refurbishment, this is the team you can trust to extend the lifespan of your roof, every time!

Roof leaks

If there’s anything that can turn what could be a simple roof repair into a full roof replacement, it’ll be a leak that’s left to become a threat to the safety of the structure of your home or business.

There isn’t a roof leak that can escape the leak detection skills of the professionals from Empire Roofing, and, even if all you have is a sneaking suspicion that there’s trouble above, let this team stop it in its tracks.

Whether it’s the chimney that’s leaking or side cladding that needs to be fitted, you can rely on Empire Roofing to get to the source of trouble, quickly and efficiently!

There’s more to Empire Roofing than meets the eye!

Other roofing repairs you can expect from this team of roofing experts include, but are not limited to, refurbishment of roofs, replacement or installation of new roof sheets, gutters and the replacement of tiles.

No matter what you suspect could be going wrong with your roof, or how big the job is, contact Empire Roofing today to get the full scope of roofing repairs this team is more than capable of getting right the first time!

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