Fogging Disinfectant Services

Fogging is a type of disinfectant that is primarily composed of water, alcohols, iodophors, and other chemicals. The process of FOGGING is carried out with the use of large tanks filled with water. The tank system is sprayed with an aerosolized solution; this solution usually consists of alcohols, iodophors, and other chemicals. The solution clings to surfaces within the sprayed area. A chemical reaction takes place between these fogs or sprays and microorganisms on surfaces which causes them to be killed instantly. This method can also help control odours in animal production facilities as it helps destroy odor producing bacteria. This technique has been used for many years to help control the spread of disease-causing organisms in various facilities.

What are the benefits of fogging disinfection services?

One of the main benefits that FOGGING has to offer is its ability to provide a quick result. Since FOGGING uses water-based chemicals, this means that it does not require any time for significant results like other chemical solutions do. Many facilities also look to use FOGGING due to its ability to help control odours. This technique, however, is mainly used for facilities that house food-producing animals such as hog farms and poultry coops. These services help ensure that these high-risk facilities are kept clean and free from any dangerous organisms or bacteria that can be harmful to human health. By having these facilities properly disinfected, there is less risk of an outbreak occurring which can harm people both in the facility and outside of it.


How do you prepare for a fogging event

When preparing for a fogging event, you should set up the machine in an area that is easy to access. It is also important to keep the machine away from any doors or windows within the facility. You should also remove all items of furniture and cover materials that are on the floor with plastic sheets. However, if possible, it would be good to leave some soiled bedding around so that the solution can cling onto this area. If you are concerned about the distribution of mist or droplets, it is best to cover all open areas within the facility with plastic sheets.


What are the precautions to take during a fogging event

When conducting a fogging event, you should do so at night when no one is in the facility to avoid any accidents or injuries that could occur. It is also important that you do not obstruct any pathways for humans, other animals, or insects to enter the building. You should also notify everyone who works at the facility of what you are doing to avoid unnecessary exposure. Finally, if you are using a machine with an electrical system, it would be recommended that you use a low-voltage machine so as not to cause an electrical fire.


What should you do after a fogging event?

The areas that have been fogged should be left to dry for at least 48 hours before they are used. You should also clean the floor with detergent or bleach solution. It is also important to ventilate the area thoroughly to ensure that the odor of disinfectant does not linger. Before re-introducing any animals back into the facility, you should check to see if there was any dampness generated by the fogging. If there is then you would need to locate and fix that issue before re-introducing your animals. If you follow these steps, any microorganism that is living in the air should be eliminated.


Fogging disinfection services is a popular and effective way of killing microorganisms that can cause harm to humans. FOGGING uses water based chemicals, which means that the results are quick! It has been proven to be especially useful for facilities such as hog farms and poultry coops because it helps keep them clean and free from harmful organisms or bacteria. When you prepare for a fogging event, make sure you set up your machine in an area where it will not get blocked by doors or windows; remove furniture; cover floors with plastic sheets but leave some soiled bedding around if possible. You should also conduct the process at night when no one is present in order to avoid any accidents happening due to mist droplets being dispersed into open areas. Finally, make sure you clean the floor with detergent or bleach solution and ventilate thoroughly to ensure that odor does not linger for too long. If you follow these steps, microorganisms in the air should be eliminated!


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