Is It Worth It to Hire a Fintech Recruitment Agency?

Technology in the financial sector is fast-paced and innovative. The success of your product depends entirely on the people involved in its development. This is why you need an agency that can be agile and creative enough to serve your company’s needs.


Fintech companies face many challenges when it comes to recruiting. Besides the shortage of experienced talent, a shortage of future talent exists as well. Due to the skills shortage in Fintech and the entry of traditional financial institutions, recruitment will continue to be a challenge. But, we may be able to help you improve your ability to recruit and retain top Fintech talent. Here’s how:

Retention of Employees

Retaining employees is the most effective way for your company to reduce recruitment stress. You will be able to hire fewer new employees if you retain more staff. As people’s goals and circumstances change there will always be a natural attrition rate. However, you can prevent dissatisfaction that’s causing people to leave. In your business, your employees are your lifeblood, so they should be nurtured and valued, not ignored.


  • Flexible work hours are imperative. Not everyone can work the traditional 9 to 5, and why should they? There is no scientific basis for the 9 to 5 schedule. Flexibility and remote working can be used to increase employee retention.
  • Workers now realize money is not everything in the workplace. Having a good salary is important to some people, but they are not willing to sacrifice their quality of life. Work to establish a flexible work environment that encourages productivity. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs do not look for new ones.
  • By promoting existing talent within your company instead of hiring new staff for senior positions, you will be able to upskill your existing employees. There will also be an increase in staff loyalty, not to mention a cheaper and easier recruitment process for junior positions.

Recruiting Employees

Don’t let recruiting become a race against the clock. You will make bad decisions and fail to reach your goals. The fintech industry has a high level of competition, and the number of qualified candidates is limited. Due to this, good candidates are quickly snapped up when they become available. A more logical approach would be to reach out to the much larger pool of passive candidates, and that’s where a Fintech Recruitment Agency comes in.


They keep a pipeline of past and present candidates. This ensures that they know who is available, who may consider a move, and what it would take to entice them to move.


Networking within the industry is an important component of Fintech recruitment. Recruiters use professional and personal networks, industry trade shows, job boards, industry forums and social media sites to find rare skills. When looking for a specialist, it makes sense to work with someone who has an active and ready-to-use network already.


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