Protect Your Family and Belongings with Quality Palisade Fencing

Open front lawns in South Africa have been a thing of the past for a long time. Instead, it’s become “fashion” to see who can build the highest wall. While it’s sad, it is also a reality we have to face. And as South Africans, we need to do what’s required to protect our belongings and families.


Solid high walls may offer some privacy, but it isn’t a sure way to keep intruders out anymore. Instead, it provides them with a hiding place, even during the daytime. One of the most reliable and affordable options right now is palisade fencing.

Is Palisade Fencing the Safest Option for Your Property?


People install fences on their property for various reasons such as privacy, aesthetics and security. While an appealing wall is important, it should never be the primary reason for your fence type since it might not do as good of a job in keeping your home safe.


It’s essential to consider the purpose of the fence before you make your final decision on which type to install. Additionally, you should take into account the amount you’re able to spend to get the job done.


If security is your primary concern, you’ll want a fence that can’t be climbed over, bypassed or provide hiding space for intruders. Horizontal bars can give intruders a way to move up fencing and should be avoided as far as possible. It’s also important to check with your homeowners’ association whether they have specific guidelines or rules regarding the fencing you’re allowed to install on your property.


Quality palisade fencing is made from robust steel that can’t easily be damaged or bent. It provides you with the security you need to keep criminals out but allows you some degree of freedom. While palisade fencing doesn’t offer much privacy, there’s nowhere for someone to hide.

More Benefits of Palisade Fencing


Palisade fencing is a simple yet aesthetically pleasing fence type. Because they are barred, they will enable you to see outside your property but maintain safety and security.


Palisade fencing requires little maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your fence.


This type of fence offers incredible strength and durability, so you can rest assured and know that your family is protected from criminals. It is difficult to climb over and equally difficult to cut or damage, making it a secure barrier.


Palisade fencing comes in various heights according to your needs and the purpose of the fence. If it’s purely for security purposes, the height of the palisade fencing can be increased to deter intruders.


When it comes to the safety of you and your family, taking shortcuts is not ideal. The best practice would be to hire reliable, skilled experts to manufacture and install your palisade fencing. Should you decide to choose the cheapest quote, you might put your family’s safety in jeopardy because the contractor uses low-quality materials. It simply isn’t worth the risk!





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