Roof Leak Repairs: Should You Hire A Professional Or Do It Yourself?

Roof repairs can be dangerous, and there’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re a few meters off the ground. The question is: are you willing to risk injury to save a few rands, or is it better to hire a roof repairs professional in your area for your roof leak repair? Below we will look at the pros and cons of doing it yourself vs hiring experts.

Do It Yourself Pros

You Will save Money

If it’s a quick and easy repair, hiring a professional might cost you more money than you’re willing to spend. In which case it would be better and more cost-effective to do it yourself.

Do It Yourself Cons

It’s Not Safe

Professional roof contractors spend almost every day up on a roof and know how to safely navigate the dangers of high-level tasks. If you’ve never stepped foot on a roof, it just isn’t worth the risk of falling and hurting yourself.

You Might Make the Problem Worse

If you aren’t sure of how exactly you should fix the roof leak, you might make a small issue much bigger. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could cause major structural damage to your roof.

Hiring a Professional Pros

No Risk of Injury

The danger of getting hurt is non-existent. Since you won’t be getting up on the roof, there’s no risk of falling off. As we’ve mentioned before, professionals are trained to work at heights.

You Know the Job Will Be Done Right

Roofing contractors will be able to fix the problem properly and permanently. They will make you aware of any other issues that need attention.

Hiring a Professional Cons

It May Cost More

Getting a roofing contractor may cost more money than fixing it yourself. You will still have to pay for materials and tools needed to fix the leak if you want to do a proper job, but you won’t have to pay for labour. On the other hand, roofing contractors often have suppliers that charge them less for the materials than you as an individual will pay, so rates may not be as high as you imagine.

The Timing Might Be a Problem

Finding a time that’s convenient for both yourself and the contractor can be tricky. Even if your roof leak needs to be fixed right away, you might have to wait a few days to get a professional to come out to your home. That said, most roofing contractors have teams that can assist within 24 – 48 hours.

As you can see, there are pros and cons either way. In our opinion, the safest option would be to hire professionals if you have the budget. In the end, you have to decide how confident you are in your roof leak fixing skills or if you would prefer the job to be done right the first time around by a professional roof leak repair contractor.

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