Save time & money by outsourcing your Board Services requirements in 2022!

If you’re finding essential staff tied up in red tape during the lead up to a board meeting, when they could be doing what they really should be doing, taking the opportunity to outsource all your board meeting requirements with Kilgetty for a seamless, streamlined range of board services, is a great way to leave that all behind.

There are a myriad of details to set in place before you can hold a successful, organized board meeting, and, since board meetings are an integral part of keeping your company sailing on smooth waters, it’s essential that everything is in place before, during and after any board meeting.

Despite the fact that requirements for board meeting services differ from company to company, the team of professionals at Kilgetty Statutory Services is more than capable of taking it all off your shoulders.

Focusing on running and growing your business is especially important at a time in our history when the economy has taken a severe beating. 

Even before COVID-19, the South African economy was at an all-time low, made worse than ever before by the losses incurred by lock downs and constant uncertainty for many businesses.

Kilgetty provides Company Secretarial Services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, leaving you and your vital staff free to continue building your business, keeping it afloat as life seems to be, we hope, returning to a more stable economic landscape.

Why outsource board services?

First and foremost, to save time and money, which is something any business owner is aiming for in 2022. It’s about far more than keeping your business afloat, it’s about seeing it moving back into the black and continuing to grow, despite setbacks that may have been experienced.

Outsourcing your main secretarial requirements is definitely the way to go, if saving money and time is precious to you. As a leading name in the South African market in terms of secretarial services, Kilgetty is committed to providing professional services in the most cost-effective way possible, to assist you in keeping your bottom line looking great.

Kilgetty Board Services – Board meetings simplified!

There really couldn’t be a simpler, more professional way of seeing to it that your board meetings run smoothly than to outsource your board services to Kilgetty!

This team of experts will ensure that every detail involved in setting up a board meeting is in place, with the minimum of time wasted on your part. 

A member of the Kilgetty team will meet with your CEO to work through the details of planning an effective agenda for the meeting.

Once the agenda is set, Kilgetty will deal with collating and distributing board meeting packs to attendees, as well as taking minutes, compiling and distributing them to all members of the board.

The board meeting packs can be provided to all Board members in virtually any format, whether in printed form, IPad software enabled format or in an electronic output. It simply couldn’t be easier or more efficient!

Kilgetty Board Services include the compilation of the Board meeting attendance register, compilation of an action list that may result from the Board meeting and, doing the follow up on any actionable items that have come to light in the meeting.

Contact Kilgetty to take the strain out of setting up Board meetings!

The team at Kilgetty isn’t just about taking the strain off your shoulders when it comes to preparing for Board meetings, they are also available to offer you a full range of secretarial services designed to simplify all your compliance issues.

Whether yours is a major corporation or a small to medium business, contact Kilgetty to chat to experts who will be more than happy to tailor all your Board services, as well as secretarial services, to meet with your individual requirements.

Kilgetty is here to save you time and money, as well as to provide you with a level of professionalism and service that is rare in business today!