Source Police Clearance Certificates the easy way!

Frustration is the first word that comes to mind for most of us when it comes to sourcing official documents, whether it’s for a Police Clearance Certificate or unabridged birth certificate, and anything else in-between.

Many of us would rather just let sleeping dogs lie than tackle the red tape that’s inevitable with the procurement of official documentation. 

However, there are circumstances that come up for all of us at some point in our lives, which will mean finding our way through the endless queues and red tape involved in going through official channels to get documents in order.

It still remains a comedy of errors when we get sent from one window to another, one floor to another and one department to another, before we even begin to get to the right person to provide the official documentation we need.

Delays in receiving Police Clearance Certificates

If you’re going to go to the South African Police Services to get a Police Clearance Certificate, you’re going to be facing the reality that the department that issues PCC has a backlog that nothing can be done about.

This will mean that you’ll have to check back a few times during the process, just to make sure that you’re still on the waiting list, which consumes time you may seldom have to spare.

When you deal with the professionals from Doc Assist, you can look forward to an efficient service that keeps you in the loop while you wait, without you having to do anything at all.

Doc Assist is comprised of professionals who have an intimate knowledge of how to get your Police Clearance Certificate to you within a period of only plus minus 15 days, which should be music to your ears.

How to get a quote for a Police Clearance Certificate?

The team at Doc Assist has made it really easy to assist you with the acquisition of official documents like PCC’s. All you need do is to request a quote on the Doc Assist website, state which documentation you require, and this friendly team will get back to you in a jiffy!

What you need to submit for a Police Clearance Certificate

Once you’ve accepted the Doc Assist quotation for the provision of a PCC, all it will take for you to start the process will be to send the team your fingerprints along with 2 copies of your ID or passport.

In addition to this, you’ll need to inform the team about which country the PCC will be used in, and this can be done whether you live in South Africa or overseas.

You’ll also need to supply Doc Assist with a marriage certificate (which they can also source for you if you can’t find yours!), should you need both your maiden and married surname on the Police Clearance Certificate.

It really couldn’t be easier than this to get all the above information to the team, and then to sit back and relax while they do the run-around on your behalf!

Save time & money with Doc Assist!

These are true professionals who have an intimate knowledge of processes where it comes to document procurement services in South Africa, making it well-worth the financial investment in these services.

Save time and money in procuring official documentation by contacting Doc Assist today, and let this team cut through all the red tape on your behalf!



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