Top 10 Picks for Corporate Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a time to celebrate the joy of giving. The best gifts show that you care enough about someone to put some thought into what they might want or need. But there’s one type of gift in particular, for which it’s hard to go wrong: corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts may sound like an oxymoron, but the truth is that these days, more and more people work from home or have flexible hours. And even if they don’t, many would rather spend their money on themselves than on material goods for everyone else on their list—making them ideal recipients for a thoughtful present from the office!

Here are our top 10 picks for corporate holiday gifts:

1 Personalized mug with your company logo and slogan

2 Picnic set : great for lunch breaks, boardroom meetings, or team building activities!

3 Desk supplies , whether it’s a personalized pen-and-pencil set or an all-inclusive tool kit.

4 Fitness equipment that allows the recipient to work out at their desk whenever they have some free time.

5 A fruit basket : Healthy snacks are always welcome!

6 Gift card to their favorite coffee shop

7 A Fitbit or personal trainer : Both are great motivators when it comes to staying in shape.

8 A gift basket of various items, tailored to the specific tastes of your recipients for a well-rounded gift idea!

9 The gift of relaxation with a massage gift card.

10 A high-quality Bluetooth speaker is a great gift idea for any music lover.

By giving corporate gifts, you are showing that you took the time to find out what your recipient values, which in turn shows them just how much they are valued by your company. But there’s another important reason to consider corporate gifts: their high perceived value.

Economists have long known that the power of giving is deeply rooted in human nature. We all appreciate receiving gifts, but there’s something about a holiday gift that makes us feel especially valued, or even loved (and for good reason—anything else could be seen as simple bribery). While this isn’t true for all people, we humans are subject to what is known as the reciprocity effect: if someone gives us something, we feel compelled to give back.

The easiest way to give back? By buying them a gift as well! As such, our number one tip for giving corporate gifts is just that—give more than one.

You can even go beyond the world of practical gifts and give something with a personal touch. A handwritten card, for example, is sure to make the recipient feel appreciated. And if you send it before the holidays, it shows that you care enough to plan ahead!

So don’t settle for an off-the-shelf gift this holiday season: let your office be known as the thinking-person’s workplace with the gift of a corporate present.

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The 10 corporate holiday gifts we’ve featured are all practical and thoughtful. These choices will show that you care about the recipients enough to put some thought into what they might want or need as a gift, without breaking your budget. The best part? You can even go beyond the world of practical gifts and give something with a personal touch like a handwritten card which shows that you plan ahead! To see more great ideas for your next office party, don’t forget to check out our gallery below. Happy holidays from us here at Company Name!

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