Top Reasons Why Roof Repairs and Cleaning Is Vital in Prolonging Its Lifespan

Roof replacements are expensive! But, even when your roof looks unattractive, it might not be time to replace it yet. A thorough roof cleaning and inspection, along with much-needed repairs can prolong the lifespan of your roof for several years and might be all you need.


Many people replace their roofs each year when in reality, an intensive roof cleaning could have saved them a considerable amount of money. This could have added many more years to the life of their roof. Consequently, if you’re still unsure about what to do for your roof, you may want to look into your options.

Roof Cleaning: Why Should You Do It?

Moss, mould, mildew, debris and algae are removed with a thorough roof cleaning session. Not having your roof cleaned regularly can have numerous adverse effects on both your roof and your property as a whole. Since roofing shingles block UV rays, it can result in a significant increase in air conditioning expenses since it reduces the home’s energy efficiency.


Algae are undetectable in their early stages of growth, so the ideal time to have your roof cleaned may be right now. It is for this reason that professional roofing contractors recommend you have your roof inspected every three years. The earlier you can catch a problem, the better for your roofing. Your roof can be cleaned in different ways, as seen below:

Pressure Washing

The roof is sprayed with highly pressurized water to remove algae, dirt, and grime. Pressure washing is very effective, but you will find that it’s mostly suitable for steel and concrete roofs. It could damage your shingles, however.

Chemical Cleaning

Certain chemicals can damage your roof, and runoff from your roof might affect your garden or your property. But, chemicals are the primary substance that are removing those harmful things from your roof. Nevertheless, a roof specialist who knows what they’re doing should be able to find the perfect balance between efficiency and preserving your property.

A Roof’s Condition Is Affected by Several Factors

  • The presence of too much dampness encourages the growth of moss, fungus, and bacteria.
  • As a result of structural deterioration, water can enter the areas where the sun cannot penetrate.


Cost of Roof Repairs South Africa

It is important to have regular roof cleanings and repairs to prevent the roof from decaying, resulting in expensive roof repairs or complete roof replacements. Roof repairs and cleaning will make it last longer, as well as make it more functional.


When you need a roof repaired, there is no set amount you can expect to pay. It will depend on the repairs that need to be made. When hiring a roofing contractor, make sure they have experience with your roof type. 


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