What are the most important items of safety workwear for the workplace?

Is your workforce sufficiently protected from anything in the workplace that is hazardous? Do they wear the appropriate safety workwear in order to carry out their work in safety? 

Whether you have a manufacturing plant that involves the use of hazardous substances, such as in a chemical manufacturing plant, or your workers are dealing with extreme heat and working with dangerous machinery, your staff has to be provided with the appropriate safety workwear.

Otherwise known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), safety workwear is a must in many different industries, in order to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

According to labourguide.co.za; “the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, requires an employer to bring about and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, a work environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the workers.

This means that the employer must ensure that the workplace is free of hazardous substances, such as benzene, chlorine, microorganisms, articles, equipment, process, etc., that may cause injury, damage or disease. 

Where this is not possible, the employer must inform workers of these dangers, how they may be prevented and how to work safely, and provide other protective measures for a safe workplace.”

Wearing the right safety workwear not only keeps your staff safe, it also protects you from prosecution that could arise out of not protecting your workforce, by the OHS inspectors of the Department of Labour.

Although the responsibility for health and safety in the workplace doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of the employer, it is their job to provide the right safety workwear to the workforce, and from there, to work in tandem with staff to maintain health and safety measures.

The right safety workwear, from head to toe!

Totalguard Workwear offers the widest range of safety workwear available online in South Africa, and, to meet the demand for PPE, they make sure that they have you covered, from head to toe!


If your work environment involves falling debris and other objects, such as in a warehouse or on a construction site, or, your manufacturing processes involve welding, you’re going to be looking for headwear such as hard hats, face shields and a welding helmet, all of which you’ll find at Totalguard Workwear!

Any outdoors industry will benefit from knitted Balaclavas, knitted Beanies and caps available from Totalguard Workwear. 

Protective wear the eyes & ears

Once again, there isn’t an item left out by the team at Totalguard Workwear when it comes to eye protection! You’ll find everything from welding goggles to Wraparound Spectacles and Sporty anti-scratch Spectacles in this range, ready to protect the eyes of your workforce.

Looking for ear protection? Yep, this team has it all! Virtually every type of ear protection is available online at Totalguard Workwear, including ear muffs, corded earplugs, disposable ear plugs and more!

Hand protection

The same can be said for hand protection from Totalguard Workwear! From ordinary latex gloves to thermo grip gloves, welder’s gloves and Rigger leather gloves, this range is a cut above the rest.

Foot protection 

Boots galore for ladies and gents, along with gumboots and other safety boots, all of which are available online from this team, including combat boots and dress shoes for both ladies and men!

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