What type of fencing is best for your property?

The first step to determining which type of fencing is best for your property, is understanding the different types available.

Wooden Fencing

This type of fencing often comes in pressure treated wood or cedar and can be used as a general barrier or to enclose a yard. However, it doesn’t offer much protection from trespassers and needs regular upkeep such as painting or replacing boards. Palisade Fencing: This type of fencing consists of vertical panels that are connected by metal posts at the top and bottom with horizontal rails between each panel for stability. The panels will typically be made out of either steel, aluminum, vinyl coated steel, aluminum clad wood or fiberglass mesh woven together with stainless steel wire strands. They provide good quality security and can be erected by homeowners.

Metal Fencing

This type of fencing is made out of steel or aluminum. The panels are usually welded together to form a fence that provides good security. The only problem with this variety of fencing is that it’s expensive, difficult to install and requires regular upkeep to maintain its appearance.

Chain Link Fencing

This type of fencing is made out of metal or wood and consists of horizontal rails connected by vertical posts with small spaces between each panel. It provides good security, but requires regular upkeep to maintain its appearance. Brick Wall: A brick wall built over 2-3 rows makes an effective security measure that can also be aesthetically pleasing. However, building a brick wall is time consuming and if the top of the wall isn’t slanted enough it can be breached by intruders. Concrete Wall: This type of fencing is similar to a brick wall in that it will provide good security as long as it has barbed wire at the top. It also requires regular upkeep to maintain its appearance. Stone Wall: A stone wall is another option for providing security and can be aesthetically pleasing if built over 4-5 rows. However, building a stone wall requires advanced skills in construction and is expensive to install.

Iron Palisade fencing

Iron Palisade fencing provides good quality security with no maintenance required. They are very sturdy and can be erected by homeowners. They’re also very stylish and look great on any property. On the other hand, they cost more than other types of fencing and installation is extremely difficult for homeowners. And if you decide to use Iron Palisade Fencing, make sure your property is located in a zoned area where it is permitted.


The type of fencing that you need for your property will depend on a number of factors including its location. For example, if it is located in an urban area where there are many people walking by then metal or chain link fencing may be best to deter trespassers and keep the fence looking new. If you’re considering installing Iron Palisade Fencing make sure that your property is zoned correctly as this type requires special zoning permissions. And finally, if aesthetics matter most to you than any one of these types would work well as long as they meet your needs and budget requirements.

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