Wholesalers In Cape Town For Hospitality And Catering Industry

A wholesale food supplier is a company that sells food products in bulk quantities to retailers, businesses, and other organizations. In Cape Town, there are many wholesale food suppliers to choose from. Before choosing a supplier, it is important to understand what type of business you are running and what your needs are. Additionally, it is helpful to research different suppliers and compare their prices and services. By doing this, you can be sure to find the best wholesale food supplier for your business.

Who is a Wholesaler?

A wholesaler is an individual or company that acts as a middle man between producers and retailers. They purchase a bulk quantity of products from manufacturers and sell them to retailers at a lower price. That allows retailers to offer their customers lower prices on the products they need. In turn, the wholesaler earns a profit on each sale. Wholesalers help provide retailers with the products they need in a timely and efficient manner. They cut down on the time and research needed to find reliable suppliers of bulk items.

Benefits of hiring Wholesaler for the Hospitality & Catering Industry

As the current pandemic has impacted all industries, the role of wholesalers in the hospitality and catering industry has become increasingly important. 

Let us look at the benefits of hiring a wholesaler for the catering and hospitality business.

  1. They provide fresh food ingredients on a routine basis, which would otherwise take a lot of time & research.
  2. They supply food & grocery items straight to your kitchen regularly & you do not need to worry about this specific need.
  3. They add a reputation to your name in the market. They are good advertisers to market your presence & latest deals among the community.
  4. They provide seasonal items for your menu card. You do not need to research which items are available in season yet.
  5. They build a network of trustworthy people in the region. That is essential for business growth.


How to choose the best Wholesale Food Suppliers for Hospitality & Catering Business

If you are confused about hiring a wholesaler for your hospitality or catering business but not sure which one is the best, we will help you out.

Check for the following qualities in the potential candidates.

Market Reputation

Do some research before jumping to big names. If you have listed down some candidates, check the reviews online. See their ratings and what people are saying about their service.

Variety of products

Check for the range of products they claim to supply. The more variety they have, the more experience they have in the market.

Offer attractive deals

The best way to attract new clients is to give them lucrative price deals. Check for the latest deals & compare pricing with competitors. Choose the one that suits your budget.

Talk to their regular customers

If you want to see the actual picture, you should talk to the regular clients of the wholesaler. You can gain valuable insight from their feedback and reviews.

Interview the Supplier

Before taking any decision, ask for a meeting with the wholesaler. Internet reviews can be fabricated or manipulated. When you research the market, that will help you understand the service and quality. After that, a personal interview or one-on-one meeting will guide you to select the best.

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